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What? Why? Everything is My Fault?

In this meditation, we reflect on myself, not from my own insider viewpoint mulling over and dwelling on things.

We attempt to unmask the self-deceptions and pretences, to see myself as I am, not as I wish I was or think I should be, willing to see all the ugliness and negativity — turning my mind inside out to let go of it all.

Everything is Entirely My Fault?

In that context, I was asked to contemplate the idea that Everything is Entirely My Fault.

At first, I found this extreme – surely some things were my responsibility, but everything? entirely?

words on the board 'everything is my fault'
Everything is my fault?

Still, I like a challenge and I value honest reflection so I decided to explore this with an open mind.

I focussed on relationships — ones where I felt entitled, resentful, and blaming, as well as those where I felt safe from criticism, where I felt I had paid my dues.

It became clear that in every situation I was central. From my self-centred point of view, my expectations were rights and entitlements — I was owed, a victim.

I saw that everything I gave I kept score.

I hoarded my ‘good deeds’ along with my disappointments and my wounded pride, which I had labelled ‘betrayals’

I was the taker, and the taker for granted. It was painful to own that many small & large kindnesses had been lost on me simply because I thought I deserved them. Still, I was letting go of all of it, so it was OK

It struck me that while I had readily taken offence I had not considered the effect of my behaviour on others.

a person meditating in the mountains
Meditation is self-reflection

I lived judging others according to my own standards and opinions, policing the world, not recognising that my standards were flimsy, acquired things that had no foundation of Truth.

I judged believing I was right.

Fundamentally, this flawed idea of my own rightness and the narrow view distorted Everything, Entirely.

So much energy was spent constructing, maintaining and projecting a version of myself that was hollow; a false entity; an illusion.

Inside that illusion, I lived believing certain things and people were mine. In there, I claimed my life as ‘my own’ even in the face of the fact that I could not order my own next breath!

That arrogance left no room for genuine gratitude to Life itself from whence comes everything

It is a blessing to be dismantling it through meditation.


I recommend it.

It takes time.

It is a journey to Truth, the only journey that matters.

True purpose of this life!

Helen R. Sydney NSW

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Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor
26 ago 2023

I found this idea confronting at first but in the context of what this profound meditation has to offer, it’s enormously empowering. ❤️

Mi piace
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