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I hit pay dirt!

Recently I reflected on a time when I had a mortgage and the interest rates kept rising such that I could only pay the interest without being able to make an impact on the capital.

worries about money

My head was above water but only just. As I thought about that situation I could see a parallel with my self-development/ spiritual progress.

In my strivings and seeking to find my way through the maze of personal flaws and short fallings which were underpinned by questions about not only the meaning of life, but whether there is even any meaning — that existential angst that couldn’t be silenced with platitudes or rationalisations.

Sometimes I seemed to find an answer when reading certain books but it never endured beyond the covers of the book.

It was the same with the many psychological endeavours, workshops, meditations and forays into different spiritual traditions. They kept my head above water but I made no inroads on the mortgage.

I was casting around for answers outside myself.

Meditation Place

Only when I started to empty my mind, using the method of this meditation, of all of the past that was stored there, even including all the borrowed ‘wisdom’ and all the theories I had absorbed about ‘enlightenment’, did I begin to find the answers within.

I hit pay dirt.

This simple method which anyone can follow, delivers the answers to the big questions. It only requires diligence patience and resolve.

At every step you will verify this for yourself.

H. Raffal Sydney , NSW


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