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Who Am I? What is the false self and the true self?


Everyone has countless questions regarding this matter.

Humans are not born into and living in the complete world, but rather are living inside their own mind worlds, which overlap the world. This is why humans are incomplete.

Who Am I | Sydney Meditation Blog

In order to change these incomplete, false beings and make them become real and complete beings, the world of incompletion must be demolished, and they must be resurrected in the real world. This is how one can become a real person and live in the eternal Heaven and Paradise where there is no death.

A person who is born in eternal Heaven and Paradise is the master of the true world and a king. Just like Jesus, who was resurrected and came out of the stone tomb three days after his death, the one who has been resurrected and raptured is the master.

When one has the true world inside one's mind, this person is the master of Heaven, humans, and earth.


All people who are born in this world are the false and incomplete self. Humans are false because they live inside their illusions. These illusions consist of pictures of the universe that is Truth and their entire lives lived, which are stored in their mind worlds.

People mistakenly believe that they are living in the world, but they have never lived in the world. Within the false worlds, they carry out false work and simply die- this is a person's life.

Inside their minds, which are false, people are slaves to the illusions because they live controlled by the false minds. Humans are slaves of those illusions because they live inside their false minds and live according to what their false minds direct them.

slave to the mind world | Sydney Meditation Blog

The human mind is the karma, habit, and body, which are false.

Every deed that is done while they have this human mind is not real. The self, which is a picture, is also not real. What is not real does not exist.

One lives inside the world of his own videotape.


People believe that they are born into and are living in this world, but they are incomplete because they live inside their own mind worlds, which are copies of the world. The human mind, which is false, is the karma, habit, and body.

In order for people to become true, they have to discard the karma, habits, and body, make this universe that is Truth become their minds, and be reborn by the masters of Truth.

The world and the people have to be born again from the universe mind that is Truth and become Truth to enable them to become their true selves. The world that is reborn as Truth after the falseness completely dies is Heaven and Paradise, which is the Land of Completion.

happiness | Sydney Meditation Blog

This is a living world where, eternally, there is no death; it is great liberation and freedom.

Here, one is the divine existence that has no concerns, worries, or stress.

One is the child of God, Buddha, Allah, which is the existence of complete Truth. When one is reborn as Truth in the world where only Truth exists, he is Truth.

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