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What is LOVE? True Meaning of Love

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Love. True love is acceptance without expecting anything in return.

People often use the words, "I love you." But this is said to control others in order to fulfil one's greed. This is not true love.

In Christianity, it is said that only God's love is true love because God has only the mind of acceptance. Therefore, it is true love without any judgments or minds about what is good or bad.

A person can love unconditionally only when the mind is discarded and the mind of the great universe is always present.

Love is not to be received, but to be given. When true love is given, true love can be received.

One must have the true mind to truly love.

from "How to have a meeting with God Buddha Allah" by Teacher Woo Myung

Anyone who discards the false human mind can have the mind of the great Universe.

Simply learn how to cleanse your mind.

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