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God | Do you believe in God?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

It is often unclear what people mean, when they say that they don't believe in God.

They are often rejecting the notion that God is a wise old grey haired man, on his throne, floating about on high.

This humanising of God was part of a simplistic description, offered to the poorly educated and superstitious of the past.

In the 1800's Romantic writers began to question traditional religious beliefs and soon came to the realisation that God and Nature were in fact, the same thing.

After all, it is Nature that brings forth and nurtures life itself.

It is through Nature that we can recognise the "hand of God".

That is not to say that Nature is intelligent, rather that it is a system that "is". A complex system which enables life.

Intelligence on the other hand is a human or animal quality, that cannot attempt to approach the power of Nature and the Universe.

Nature itself is a highly intuitive, creative force which is truly beyond human comprehension.

It is a phenomena, that we as humans are all part of.

Through Meditation we can learn how to throw away our conceptions, judgments and bias, of the Universe which we belong to.

We can experience the world in silence and without fear.

Through Meditation we can begin to understand who and what we really are. We can discover our connection with the world we exist within.

Remember that Christianity, Islam and Buddhism have ALL taught us that God and Paradise exists within ourselves.

Experience the world as it really is.

Because you and I are the Universe.


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