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Life Tips : How to organize or systematize your life

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

When people try to organize or systematize their lives, it is not easy to do so from their minds, which are their thoughts.

This is because people live with the minds they have within themselves. When one eliminates the framework of his mind, his life will naturally be organized and systematized.

One's mind is the karma, habits, and body, and are one's fixed conceptions and customs. When these do not exist, one's mind becomes Truth, which is the Origin, and will automatically be organized and systematized.

It is not easy to organize or systematize one's life within his false fixed conceptions and customs because these are falseness.

When there is no falseness and one becomes Truth, he has a big mind that can accept all things in the world.

People are used to looking at their lives through their own fixed conceptions, habits and customs, so they would not know the answer to how to organize and systematize their lives.

But when they become Truth, they will realize how to do so on their own.

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