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A healthy outside starts from the inside!

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

After I began Meditating, there was no doubt that my sleeping patterns and general health were improving rapidly.

It also began to come to my attention that on some days my Meditation was incredible and my mind felt recharged and energised, after my sessions. Some days however I struggled to concentrate and it soon became apparent, that this was occurring on days when I had skipped meals or I had eaten poorly.

It makes sense that to fully benefit from the experience of Meditation our bodies need to be in a primed and receptive condition.

Meditation works by eliminating problems in our mind and body. So a well nourished body is in a better position to take advantage of the positive life changing effects of Meditation.

As my Meditation progressed I began to cut out the obvious poor food choices, like fatty foods, fizzy drinks and sugary snacks.

My next dietary choice was the one which proved to be the most beneficial. I began to regularly use something called "SBF (Self Balancing Food)", which is a naturally made vegetable and fruit product, which can be prepared in a matter of seconds.. This has make all the difference! My Meditation experience is now even better.

It makes sense that our lives can be amazingly enhanced through Meditation, regular exercise and smart food choices.
Improve Your life today.

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