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To this meditation or not to this meditation!

After many years of searching for the meaning of life through university studies, philosophies, religions, meditation, and so on, a chance look at the display shelves of a seniors club had me picking up this meditation pamphlet.

Sydney Meditation Flyer

In it I read the thought stopping phrases: “...allows you to become free of your human mind by changing to the infinite universe mind” and “ will find your true purpose, and reach the state of eternal happiness...”.

This sounded too good to pass over, so, I booked an introductory session immediately.

The next day’s session was certainly impressive; leaving me in a dilemma: to this meditation or not to this meditation!

The decision was to climb aboard, starting my sessions the next day. Now, fifteen weeks later, I am working on the third of seven levels with the distinct knowledge that my years of searching are finally over.

The benefits I have gained to date are enormous:

operating at the universal mind level;

• feelings of great mental quietness;

• situations approached and dealt with, as they occur; no fuss, no bother, no carry over;

• no emotional complications in dealing with others;

• seeing external affairs with more maturity and understanding;

• huge – feeling of well-being and empathy with those around me;

Thank You | Sydney Meditation

the list goes on.., with huge thanks to the method of this meditation; its founder; its tutors and helpers for taking my life to this higher level already, and finally for the wonderful new family I have the privilege to be part of now.

Thank you.

L. Pearson


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