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One lives exactly according to the mind that he has taken in – no more and no less

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

There is a saying that things happen according to the mind one has.

This means that one lives exactly according to the mind that he has taken in – no more and no less. The waste from the food a person eats is excreted out; but people have never excreted any of the countless minds they have consumed since being born, and they live with the suffering, worries, anxieties, and burdens these minds bring.

These minds are none other than pictures, taken of things that belong to the world. People are dead in the world of this mind, which itself is a picture. They strive to achieve things within this picture world; but their actions and deeds are all false because they live according to what is scripted in this mind.

The world beyond the world, that is, the world beyond the human mind that has been eliminated, is the true world – a real world that is not a picture.

When this real world is inside one’s mind, his feelings of inferiority disappear and he has only the highest mind of the Truth.

When people eliminate the false worlds they have “eaten,” their feelings of inferiority will disappear, and it is only when one’s feelings of inferiority disappear that it is possible to live a life of nature’s flow and live well.

Let's meditate and let's life a life of nature's flow.

"This method has 100% changed my life I truly believe in the method You have to stick at it. You have to keep doing it. You need to want to do it and put the time in"

Maryanne, Mandurah, Western Australia

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